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What We Do

We speak for you! We connect with the public and create community. We interact with followers through dynamic and informative content, based on their interests and needs. Do not have networks? Do not worry, we created them for you.

Actions in Network Campaigns
We carry out activities to better know your customers and build their profile. We interact directly with them to know what they want. We keep you informed and offer you exclusive benefits.


Monitoring of Results
We monitor in real time the results we create and manage. In this way you can see how your company goes along the process.
Management of Social Networks

Social Media We Work on

We are experts in Social Media, so we have a specific strategy an use for each one!

72% Of users who follow a brand is to know about it!

We are the indicates

Our team of professionals in 2 Beatles Marketing offer you their services so that they can advise you and design campaigns in networks taking into account all these variants and factors, thus optimizing the way in which you will reach a specific public, in a correct way and with the guarantee of that the results you can see and measure accurately through the increase in the number of visits, new followers and positive comments left by users.

Get closer to your specific clients, offer them valuable information, interact with them and position yourself in social networks as a dynamic, modern company that knows how to take advantage of the benefits offered by technological advances, to become an excellent option to solve problems or satisfy needs of the people who browse and are fans of these virtual coexistence sites.